Immersive Performance Beyond Limits

H2O Audio delivers an unstoppable audio experience with innovative sound clarity, secure fit, and advanced bone conduction technology.

Our IPX8-rated headphones provide immersive and uninterrupted music, empowering you to go beyond boundaries in any environment.

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Tech Specs


Waterproof – Dive into the BEYOND with our 100% waterproof technology to 12 feet (3.6 meters) for an unlimited amount of time.

Battery Life

Battery Life – 5 hour battery life ensures you keep rocking even for your longest runs, rides, gym sessions, or water excursions.


Bluetooth – Cut the cords and amplify your freedom with our earphones' seamless connection to whatever device you use.

MP3 Player

MP3 Player – Never miss a beat on your adventures with our earphones' built-in MP3 player boasting a generous 8GB of memory.


Multi-Sport - Engineered to keep up with your active lifestyle, whether you're swimming, cycling, running, paddling, or hitting the slopes.

Open Ear

Open Ear – Stay connected to your surroundings while indulging in crystal-clear sound.

Superior Sound

Superior Sound – Get ready to experience your favorite tunes like never before, with bass that's proudly amplified for maximum impact.

Included in the Box

  • Headphones

  • USB Cable

  • Swim Earplugs

  • Quick Start Guide & User Manual

H2O Audio App

With the new H2O Audio app, you can manage all your music, update your software, create folders, add songs to your Playlist+ and more. The app is free and available for both Apple and Android.

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Dale Tyk
TRI Multi-Sport with BY & MP3; case, and goggles

I’m not a tech person, BUT, your directions were very clear and easy to follow. This TRI-MULTI SPORT with BT &MP3 is GREAT; can’t wait to try it while swimming! BLISS googles very comfortable; case for BT / MP3 headset protection is sturdy and provides ample space for storing headset, charging wire, ear plugs, and quick start guide!

Szebeni-Molnár Gabriella
Great product - could fit better - VAT not included

I really love this product, it makes my swimming less boring. My only issue is that it is really hard for me fit it on my head. The back wire is so lengthy that when I have the cap and the swimming glasses on it is hard to make the resonating part touch my temple. It’s still fine, I can make it work but it would be better if it were more adjustable. The other issue I had was that it was not stated anywhere that VAT is not included and I had a very unpleasent surprise when the Post sent me an email demanding a considerable amount of money to get my order delivered. I think it should be mentioned at international orders that there may be additional costs.

Jerry Damron
Outstanding products and service

This is my third time purchasing from H2O Audio - my other two headsets just wore out from nonstop use. Their service is amazing and they’re quick to respond with any questions or concern. Outstanding experience again.

Anja Kordowski
Recommend for swimming

I only use it for swimming but it works great for this purpose.

Cindy Weaver
The MP3 rocks while swimming!

The sound is great while swimming. It was a little bit of a challenge to download the music to the MP3. I need to add more music so it should be easier now. I am happy that I purchased it.