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Our mission is to seamlessly integrate the power of music into every environment, from underwater realms to elevated heights and unconventional spaces, empowering individuals to amplify their passions and pursuits.

We are dedicated to pioneering audio experiences that transcend boundaries for athletes and enthusiasts alike. Through relentless innovation, we strive to enrich lives, foster inspiration, and redefine the role of music, setting a new standard for its pervasive and extraordinary presence across the globe.

- Below, Above and Beyond!


We exist to unleash music’s transformative power in places BEYOND the usual. Acknowledging its profound impact in sparking passion and unparalleled inspiration, we strive to enrich the world by amplifying the motivation and enjoyment that only music can offer, no matter where we may go.


A world where the transformative power of music can accompany athletes, and those in awe of them, anywhere... 

Below Water, Above the Curve & Beyond the Usual.

We envision a world where individual soundtracks can accompany and enhance any activity in any environment, including the most demanding places underwater, above the tree lines, and beyond the usual places music can be found... where its profound influence sparks boundless passion and inspiration, enriching lives and communities, setting a new standard for its ubiquitous and extraordinary presence.


H2O Audio was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California just as a new era of digital music and portable MP3 players began to grow with the iPod. As avid water sports lovers, we wanted to extend that use to the pool and ocean - and beyond. We now lead the field in waterproof headphones, creating products with superior sound in and out of water.

San Diego is the mecca of endurance sports . . . it provides the perfect breeding ground for us, where swimming, paddling, and surfing are ways of life as much as running, cycling, and triathlons are. Our aquatic environs, trails, and roads along the coast are the backdrops of a hyper-active community. And our mountains are world class in their beauty and topography. San Diego beckons as the perfect environment to create groundbreaking new ideas in many arenas . . . to inspire athletes of all kinds to live and listen with passion year round and GO BEYOND.


Designed by athletes for athletes, we originally developed H2O Audio products for our own use. Over the last twenty years, we have perfected a line of waterproof headphones guaranteed to give swimmers, runners, cyclists, triathletes, and water sports enthusiasts the best possible sound experience. We stand by them as the best on the market.

Legions of Happy Customers


I thoroughly love the fact that these Bluetooth bone conduction headphones can record directly from your favorite streaming services allowing for you to take that music anywhere you go without even needing to take your phone with you.

— Donald B.


I have uploaded several of my running playlists from Spotify onto the headphones. I love that I can ditch my phone on runs and have spatial awareness during bike rides. I definitely recommend these! Great customer service, too.

— Amy


I bought these originally for swimming. Low and behold they found their way on my head for travel, working in the yard, in the office, and running.

— Kerry K.

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