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Solana Beach, California—Seeking the ultimate experience for watersports, after 10 years of development, H2O Audio has created the world’s first custom made waterproof earphones for swimmers and athletes who demand maximum comfort and crystal clear sound. Get ready to fall in love with swimming all over again.  Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. We all know that it’s excellent for cardio workouts and weight loss, but it’s no secret that lap after lap can be monotonous. Runners have long since banished boredom by listening to music and now swimmers, too, can extend their yardage while enjoying their pitch perfect playlist via H2O Audio headphones with custom ear plugs—simply the best underwater headphones on the market....

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H2O Audio is coming back...

Dear friends and customers,   I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve acquired H2O Audio once again after a seven year hiatus. I founded the company in 2003 and left in 2008 to set up PEAR Sports, but I’ve followed it’s progress with interest from the sidelines. Recently, after many ups and downs, the company folded. Yet, as so often happens, what looks like the end is a chance for a new beginning.   I’ve always believed passionately in the quality of the products so I decided to take the plunge and continue what I began. We may be swimming upstream for while but my team is brimming with ideas and I’m confident we’ll stay the course.   Thank you to...

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