The SONAR PRO is a game changer, offering a completely new way of listening to music. We call it PLAYLIST+, our patent pending solution for offline streaming music without a phone. Take your streaming music underwater and BEYOND.

H2O AUDIO APP: With the new H2O Audio app, you can manage all your music, update your software, create folders, add songs to your Playlist+ and more. The app is free and available for both Apple and Android.

SWIM OPTIMIZED: H2O Audio's bone conduction technology delivers clear sound under water - HASSLE-FREE. The speaker attaches to your swim goggles and deliver constant fail-safe sound.

Open Ear Experience: SONAR PRO uses bone conduction speakers use enhanced speakers that provide an amazing sound in and out of water - with full situational awareness.

MP3 PLAYER BUILT-IN: The SONAR headphones are equipped with a built-in MP3 player with 8GB of memory which can hold thousands of songs. Easily connect with MAC or PC and download your favorite music or podcasts. SONAR supports Apple iTunes music format (.m4a) and MP3. Simply copy/paste or drag&drop any music from your computer onto the SONAR and enjoy your swim.

Bluetooth: Connect your computer, iPhone, Android or any music enabled smart watch - and enjoy running & biking with streaming music.

Note Bluetooth range under water is only few inches. For swimming - use the PLAYLIST+ feature.

EASY TO USE: The SONAR small and compact design makes it seamless for your swim. It is easy to use with big buttons that have extra raised markings.

BLUETOOTH with SMART WATCH: SONAR can receive music from your smart watch over a wireless Bluetooth connection. Just pair your smartwatch (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin Samsung, etc.) with the SONAR and attach the watch on your swim goggles.

*NOTE: SONAR Bluetooth range under water is about 4". Smart watch MUST be attached to your goggles (not on your wrist) for Bluetooth to function properly. Wireless range on air is 30ft/10m. AVAILABLE - Apple Watch Clip for SONAR.

100% WATERPROOF: H2O Audio Waterproof technology ensure that SONAR performs when submerged to 12ft (3m). Waterproof Rating: IPX8.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: 7 hours of play time and memory capacity of over 2,000 songs (8GB). Download all your favorite music and the laps will fly by.


Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear primarily through the bones of the skull, allowing the swimmer to hear audio content without blocking the ear canal.

The Sound You Can Trust!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ran Benari
quite disappointing

the sound quality under water is not what i had expected. i swim regularly (with a snorkel, so my head is submerged all the time) and have used many underwater earphones, from all types and many manufacturers. reading all the reviews about Sonar Pro - i thought the product would be much netter than it actually is.

David Lloyd
Potentially good but....

I ordered a Sonor Pro 'with playlist' and received on 'with bluetooth'. On the website they are shown as two different products but are they the same? I tried contacting your support but still don't have a satisfactory answer. I have not used the Sonor Pro in case I have to send it back. Please help.

Allison Kincaid
a little disapointed

I love H20 audio products, i have been using your waterproof headphones, cases, and other products for over 10 years. I was so excited to get the new sonar pro headset with playlist+ so i could listen to everything on Spotify without having to download MP3s. While i do like the product, i am a little disappointed with the audio quality and volume of the sonar pro. I uploaded the music at full volume, and i listen at full volume, but still find them to be lacking somewhat in terms of audio quality and i am wondering if the Triathlon headset would have been a better option. I have tried another brand of bone conduction headphones and they were similar to the H20 audio triathlon model, and the sound was fantastic. Given my loyalty to the H20 audio brand, and with the wonderful the playlist+ feature, I purchased the sonar pro thinking i would like the fit with my goggles. While i love everything about the headset, including the playlist+ feature, i just feel the audio volume and quality is lacking.

Jenn Dawkins
Love this

Love it - only reason not 5 stars is because it requires some tech savvy skills and I struggle!

Konstantina Diamantidi
Love my h2o

The sound is strong and much better than I ever experienced with other waterproof mp3 players. I can really listen to audio books and not loose a word even when the sea got waves, that's a first ! So I'm very happy with my sonar pro and surely recommend it to all swimmers around the world!