TRI PRO Multi-Sport with PLAYLIST+

The TRI PRO is a game changer, offering a completely new way of listening to music. We call it PLAYLIST+, which is our patent pending solution for offline streaming music without a phone. Take your streaming music underwater and BEYOND.

H2O Audio App: With the new H2O Audio app, you can manage all your music, update your software, create folders, add songs to your Playlist+ and more. The app is free and available for both Apple and Android.

Open Ear Experience: Our latest bone conduction speakers are slimmer (by 5mm vs. TRI headphones) and use enhanced speakers that provide an amazing sound in and out of water - with full situational awareness.

Multi-Sport Design: Designed for swimming, biking, running, paddling, surfing, snowboarding. Your Sport - Your Music!

100% Waterproof: H2O Audio waterproof technology allows headphones to withstand submersion to 12'/3.6m underwater for an unlimited amount of time. Waterproof Rating: IPX8.

MP3 Player: Built-in MP3 player with 8 GB of memory will hold several thousands of songs and accepts most music formats - including the iTunes .M4A.

Bluetooth: Connect your iPhone, Android or any music enabled smart watch - and enjoy running & biking with streaming music. Note Bluetooth range under water is only few inches. For swimming - use the PLAYLIST+ feature. (Bluetooth Version 5.3)

Battery Life: 5-Hours of play time should cover most endurance events. Battery life will vary based on use. Charging time ~2h.

Secure Fit: The neck band provides a secure and comfortable fit while swimming, paddling, running, and working out. Earplugs included for swimming use - to reduce any water noise in your ears.

Other Specs: Dimensions: H45mm, D140mm, Weight 33g. Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz, Battery specifications: Li-Ion 3.7V, 270mAh, 0.99Wh, Work environment: 0~50C

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews

Great for training. Still trying to figure out why I can't skip if I upload songs but it's easy to record playlists from Spotify. I am very satisfied with my purchase

Jorge Nogueira
Great gear to use under water

Although the sound is great under water still struggling to find the best way to keep the device attached to my head. It feels that when I move the head the gear turns loose. Any tips?

Ahamed Khader
TRI PRO Multi-Sport with PLAYLIST+

I have usec S

I have
Prompt delivery
Good sound quality
Playlist plus is good, but sound quality is variable
Works well with swimming
Build quality is good

Not good:
Battery life not par with other brands
Mic quality could be better during calls
Disabling Battery saver option would be a good feature to have.

I have used Shokz ( good but my model not for swimming) and Creative (poor design) ones before. H2O had on overall better package, but battery life not good enough. Customer service replies promptly.

Jackie LoPresti
Love this product!!

I already have the H2O Stream 2, but decided to upgrade. I absolutely love the new Playlist+ feature. It's such a game changer and time saver. I just record my Spotify playlist right from my phone. Excellent customer service too. I will be a lifetime customer, that's for sure!


Fast delivery and love using these during my swims!