H2O TRI Headphones Support

H2O TRI Multi-Sport Headphones Support

Contact us via email: support@h2oaudio.com 

How to Wear with a swim cap

Put your swim cap on and then pull the swim cap off your ears. Put the headphones on and then pull the cap back over the ears. The cap will partially cover the ears. 

Try the included solid earplugs to get the best sound experience under water. 


How to wear with swim goggles (no swim cap)

The headphones should stay on fine without any additional help, but if you need more force to keep the headphones put - pull the swim goggle strap OVER the headphone ear hook as shown in the picture below. This will keep them firmly on and provide extra support for bone conduction. 

Try the earplugs to get the best sound experience under water. 


How to Wear with a helmet or hat

Put your headphones on and then put the helmet or hat on. The helmet and hat may cover your ears. 





How to use H2O Audio App with TRI PRO (only): 



How to add music

Please see the User Guide (below) for details and this short video. 



How to connect with Bluetooth


How to use the rubber leash

The rubber leash is used to secure your headphones to sunglasses, swim goggles, wetsuit zipper, or other places. If you take a big wipeout you won’t lose your headphones. See the images below for the attachment.



User Guides for TRI Multi Sport and TRI PRO (below)






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