H2O Time


 Apple has sold an estimated 46Million watches. While marketed as a great sport watch, they are not really designed for sport or watersport use out of the box.

After testing Apple Watch bands, we were disappointed with how it felt on the arm. It can pull the hairs of your arm when you put it on and the band does not feel secure enough to take the $400 watch into a big beach break surf. And, when we started to look at the heart rate sensor performance, we noticed issues. (We also tested the velcro straps, while more comfortable at first, after a workout sweating or swimming, it was wet for the whole day. Gross after a month of use.)


So, we embarked on a mission to develop something better. Something that would feel super secure, comfortable. Something you can trust and that would also look good.


Not only does our new Band and Case feel ultra soft on your skin, we also came up with technology and materials that help the heart rate sensor to perform better. 
With the H2O Band and H2O Case - we have developed the ultimate Sport Kit for any Apple Watch lover.
The H2O Case protects your watch from scratches and gives it a great sporty look. It also incorporates our patent pending underside that is designed specifically to enhance Apple Watch performance. 

We are proud to launch our H2O Time product line.