Interval for FITBIT


1. How To Attach Swim Goggles and Watch on the Interval.

Step 1. Loop the goggle strap first through the inner hooks. 

Step 2. Attach the watch around the outer fork and tighten the strap.


2. Interval Buttons:


3. Bluetooth Connection: Connecting Interval with your watch:

Step 1. Activate Bluetooth pairing mode on the Interval. Start with the Interval OFF. Then press and hold down the center button until you hear - "Power On" and then "Pairing". You will see that the Interval is in pairing mode when the LED light is rapidly blinking Blue and Red.

Step 2. On your watch, open the Settings app  > Bluetooth.

Step 3.  Tap + Audio Device. Your watch searches for nearby devices.

Step 4.  When your watch finds nearby Bluetooth audio devices, it shows a list on the screen. Tap the name H2O INTERVAL.

Step 5. When pairing is complete, a check mark appears on the screen. 

Here are Fitbit Support Pages:

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 4. Fitbit Music 

Fitbit support pages - to help with music and apps:

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How to download my PANDORA stations to my Fitbit?

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 Spotify Offline is not supported in Fitbit watches.