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Anja Kordowski
Recommend for swimming

I only use it for swimming but it works great for this purpose.

Cindy Weaver
The MP3 rocks while swimming!

The sound is great while swimming. It was a little bit of a challenge to download the music to the MP3. I need to add more music so it should be easier now. I am happy that I purchased it.

Brittany Smith
Perfect for in and out of the water

Excellent! I love that these blue tooth and that you can download MP3s to store on the device.

Lynn Festa
H20 for swimming

overall, love it. I appreciate the amount of music that can be downloaded and the ease to do so. It takes a few swims to get it to be in the right position, I found it works best under my cap, which is different from the description given. The only detail that surprises me is the battery life- it seems to go down quickly- about 25% for each 50 minute swim… I thought it would last longer than that.

Lewis Hunt
Great so far!

I haven’t gotten to try them in the water yet but i love them