SURGE Custom Earplugs (without headphones)

Ultimate Fit For Your Ears: If you have ever had any issues with headphones not staying in your ear, or water leaking into the ear and muffling the sound - this is for you. The SURGE Customs are the ultimate solution that will 100% eliminate any hassle with headphones and you can fully focus on your sport and your music. The Custom earplugs are made based on your ear impressions and will provide a 100% fit.

High Quality and Durable: We have partnered with Westone - The In-Ear Experts to manufacture the custom silicone earplugs for the H2O Audio headphones. These molded earplugs are highly durable and will last forever.  Yes - this is not the cheapest, but it is by far the best solution for anyone who swims a lot. 

Compatible with all Surge Speakers: The SURGE Custom earplugs are removable and can be installed on any H2O Audio SURGE headphones.

The Custom process is easy:

COVID-19 UPDATE: Expect 2-3 weeks for delivery

    1. Order form: When you purchase the pair for the SURGE Customs - you will receive an email with an Order Form to pick your colors for your custom plugs. You will complete the form, and take it to the audiologist.
    2. Get ear impressions: You will need to go to your local audiologist and have ear impressions taken. Here is a video of this process. Note that you will pay for ear impressions separately to the audiologist. The cost for ear impressions vary, but usually about $50. Please find our local audiologist HERE and speak with them.
    3. Send ear impressions: You will need to send the ear impressions and the order form directly to our partner Westone. You are responsible for the shipping. 
    4. Receive you SURGE Customs and start swimming: Westone will create the custom earplugs based on your impressions. Manufacturing your custom earplugs usually takes 3-4 days. Once ready, H2O Audio will then ship the custom plugs fitted to your selected headphones. 

We have a 90 day fit guarantee. In the rare case you have trouble with your custom earplug fit (due to impression quality or otherwise) please let us know (email and we will re-make your earplugs and try to fix it for you. Note that the Custom Earplugs are non-refundable after the molds have been made to your ears.  

Here is a video to see how the Custom Earplugs should be inserted: Video 

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