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Frustrating but worth the effort

I would highly recommend this product however the process is frustrating. I had difficulty finding an audiologist to do the impressions. I live in a area with a high percentage of elderly people the audiologist are busy making impressions for hearing aids. That being said I enjoy my earplugs. They allow me to listen to music during long swims and keep the water out of my ears. I would definitely order them again. The customer service from H2O audio is wonderful. Thank you for being so responsive and supportive.

Custom earplugs

I had some trouble learning how to insert the earplugs, but they provided a video that show how to use them properly. Once I mastered the insertion of the earplugs, they have proved to be a quality product. I would purchase them again. The customer service was outstanding.

Alan Spiegelman
Great custom swim earphones

The custom swim earbuds make a perfect seal every time and make lap swimming a pleasure.

Jim Grindall
Custom Earplugs plugs

I couldn't be more pleased with the custom ear plugs...but beyond that I truly like dealing with H2O AUDIO...they continue to provide great customer service for their products...always a pleasure to deal with.

Matthew Brickman
Worth the investment

For anyone who swims a lot this is an investment and worth the money. It is not cheap though. It also takes quite some time to receive your order so you will have to be patient. From the time I ordered mine until the time I received my ear plugs as almost 60 days. I love the products from H2O Audio, but their app needs a lot of help and I wish they would have their developer update the app on a regular basis.