SURGE Custom S+ (Short Cord) Earphones

SURGE Custom S+ (Short Cord) Earphones

Ultimate Fit For Your Ears: If you have ever had any issues with headphones not staying in your ear, or water leaking into the ear and muffling the sound - this is for you. The SURGE Customs are the ultimate solution that will 100% eliminate any hassle with headphones and you can fully focus on your sport and your music. The custom earplugs are made based on your ear impressions and will provide a 100% fit.

High Quality and Durable: We have partnered with Westone - The In-Ear Experts to manufacture the custom silicone earplugs for the H2O Audio headphones. These molded earplugs are highly durable and will last forever. Yes - this is not the cheapest, but it is by far the best solution for anyone who swims a lot.

The Custom process is easy: Please allow 2-3 weeks

  1. Order form: When you purchase the pair for the SURGE Customs - you will receive an email with an Order Form to pick your colors for your custom plugs. You will complete the form, and take it to the audiologist.
  2. Get ear impressions: You will need to go to your local audiologist and have ear impressions taken. Here is a video of this process. Note that you will pay for ear impressions separately to the audiologist. The cost for ear impressions vary, but usually about $50. Please find our local audiologist HERE and speak with them.
  3. Send ear impressions: You will need to send the ear impressions and the order form directly to our partner Westone. You are responsible for the shipping.
  4. Receive you SURGE Customs and start swimming: Westone will create the custom earplugs based on your impressions. Manufacturing your custom earplugs usually takes 1-2 weeks + shipping. Once ready, H2O Audio will then ship the custom plugs fitted to your selected headphones.

90-day fit guarantee. In the rare case you have trouble with your custom earplug fit (due to impression quality or otherwise) please let us know (email and we will re-make your earplugs and try to fix it for you. Note that the custom earplugs are non-refundable after the molds have been made to your ears.

Here is a video to see how the custom earplugs should be inserted: Video

SURGE S+ (Short Cord) Headphones

SURGE S+ headphones use the same high quality speakers as the Surge+ but was developed specially for head mounted MP3 players in mind.

Short Cord: The cord is only approx. 1ft/30cm long. Minimal cord hassle and optimized for head mounted players.

Waterproof and Sweatproof: H2O Audio technology ensures these headphones can withstand heavy perspiration, and complete submersion to 12ft/3.6m underwater. Waterproof Rating: IPX8.

Secure Fit for Athletes: Includes five ear tip sizes to provide a customizable fit that keeps headphones in place during even the most rigorous of activities.

Sports Performance: Precision engineered and individually tested to deliver high quality fit, function, and durability for long-lasting performance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
John Daniels
GreaT product

Perfect underwater hearing. Took a long time to receive

Revolution Cycles
still haven't received them

I havent' had a chance to use them as it was a Full Six Weeks from when Westone received my impressions to when they shipped them out of their facility. No apologies, no news about why it took so long. I left the country for 2 months (a trip for which I purchased the headphones) without them. Disappointed that the information at purchase was misleading. Hopefully the product will reverse my mind on the matter when I finally get my hands on them.

Susan Phillips
So let me tell you about H20 Audible!!!!!!!

Spoiler alert: What a wonderful company.
My left ear really hurts when I swim, when the water gets in, yeah, it hangs around for a while and is sore. I am in the pool daily for at least an hour duration each swim, so I listen to music. After a few duds I bought the H20 audible brand and it was easy peezy to set up. I loaded 540 songs on to it, and could still load more. They give you a ton of earbuds to use, lots of shapes and sizes. I could hear the songs, but my left ear, yeah water still came in, then the songs were muffled. So I ordered the molding ones. H20 Audible immediately contacted me, did I really want to go to the expense and might I like to try the cheaper bone conducting style. They then offered me a brand new pair of bone conducting head phones to trial, and what music did I like as they would load up the music and send them to me FREE. I blurted out the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys…. A few days later, whomp there it is….and boy were the bone conducting ones great. I did like them, but my left ear, yeah no amount of cotton, ear covering swim caps, various attempts to occlude the water kept my ear free of water and it remained sore. I returned the bone conducting ones and proceeded to get the ear molding ones. H20 audible facilitated my easy return. I went to Denver Health for the molds to be made, and to DH’s credit, when they realized it was for swimming, there was no charge even though they were supplying the molding product, appointment time, ear exam, expertise. They walked me back out to the receptionist and refunded my money. Two weeks later my custom, my choice of color ear molds arrived in the mail. It is absolutely stunningly wonderful. Great sounding, clear music, no water in my ears, time zooms by. Did I say NO WATER GETS IN MY EARS!!! Great purchase with limited retirement funds!!!!! One word of caution, (conjure up your best Elmer Fudd voice), be very very careful on your music choices. Wipeout by the Surfari’s, yeah not such a good choice for this older, slower swimmer.

Thomas Polise
Custom fit headphones

A swim changing experience !

Colin Ashworth
Great product, excellent customer service

Exactly as expected, quality of earmolds was great.
As always, Joe in customer support was fantastic.
I’ll happily come back again