Immersive Performance Beyond Limits

H2O Audio delivers an unstoppable audio experience with innovative sound clarity, secure fit, and advanced bone conduction technology.

Our IPX8-rated headphones provide immersive and uninterrupted music, empowering you to go beyond boundaries in any environment.

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Customer Reviews

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Happy Hubby!

Gave these to my hubby on Father’s Day. He is so excited as he swims 4000 meters every day and having music to do it with is amazing

Lora Miller
Sonar underwater headphones

Love these headphones

J Kevin McKinney
Works surprisingly well!

I purchased this to listen to audio books while lap swimming. Wearing ear plugs, the audio quality is quite good but might be better listening to music. With an audiobook, you lose occasional words or phrases when water sound overwhelms the device audio … for example when doing a fast set or a flip turn. If you tend to splash much then this would be a problem. Style of narration also makes a difference … if multiple voices with variations in voice volume, it doesn’t work well. But good for podcasts, lectures or books with limited character voices. This device definitely makes my time in the pool go by more pleasantly!

David Molesworth
Better than expected

The sonar underwater headphones arrived within 3 days to the UK which was quicker than many local firms so impressive on H2O's part. Have only used the phones on bluetooth which gave a better range than expected with the phone on the poolside, small 15M pool and mostly head above water.

Sound quality is also good for bone conduction phones and construction pretty solid.

Thanks H2O

Frank Schmitteckert
Best stand-alone-player

So, what can i write...
I'm a swimmer. Poolproofed, Trainer outside givin' commands... but this was long time ago in the 90s. Now... older.... after a long period of medical tests and illness, I started again swimming ... after 30 years...competative swimming turned into hobby swimming, without the Trainer outside the pool.
My girlfriend today is also a swimmer, she had this bone conduction music player and I laughed at her. (so I should be wrong)
Swimming and music... ha, no way.
But I tried, after many laps, and thoughts... (I runned with a player, I drive car with music, even the morning shower I listen to my favorite beats).
Nobody is givin Commands any more. so I tried.
First player was a duplicate, it was my first mistake, then I bought another one, that was the second mistake, didn't work properly too, and the sound was terrible ...
I searched for the original player and found the Sonar from h2o.
So, now can I write: it's the only one.
Nice sound, easy to use, works absolutely fine.
Now I can can listen to my music even in the pool.
Thanks h2o.