STREAM 3 - Waterproof MP3 player with Bluetooth

The STREAM 3 Dual-Mode is the next generation STREAM player - works with Bone-Conduction and In-Ear Headphones.

NEW Dual Mode: H2O Audio patented technology detects the headphones and optimizes the sound to match your headphones. The Dual Mode technology allows you to use any SURGE headphones - including the NEW SURGE Bone Conduction Underwater headphones.

NEW Improved Buttons: The button feel has been redesigned with more pronounced markings. Easy to recognize buttons make adjustments easy when reaching behind your head.

NEW Battery Level Prompts: Power up your player and hear the battery level announcement. 8 hours of play time and memory capacity of over 2,000 songs (8Gb).

iTunes Format Support: The STREAM 3 DM supports Apple iTunes music format (.m4a). You can simply copy/paste or drag&drop music you own from your computer to the memory without the need to converting to .mp3. Note that Apple Music subscription does not allow you to download the files. For Apple Music or Spotify - use Bluetooth from your phone, or check out the Interval product!

Bluetooth Connection: STREAM 3 DM has an improved antenna and can receive music from your smart phone over a wireless Bluetooth connection. Just pair your smartphone with the STREAM DM and receive Spotify, Pandora music from your phone.

NOTE: Bluetooth does NOT work underwater. Wireless range 30ft/10m.

100% Waterproof: H2O Audio Waterproof technology ensure this MP3 player performs even when submerged to 12ft (3m). Waterproof Rating: IPX8.

Headphone / USB Connection with Seal-Tight Headphone Jack: When combined with H2O Audio Surge headphones - the patented Seal-Tight headphone boot will keep your headphones securely in place - and most importantly the jack stays dry and clean. The Seal-Tight connection will reduce any USB connection issues and long term corrosion.

Folder and Shuffle Function: Create folders for your music and Shuffle through all your music in the memory.

360 Snap-Clip: Improved clip that is stronger and has more bite! Rotate the clip to find the best angle for your needs.

Combine with your favorite headphones: Compatible with any H2O Audio headphones. Try with the new SURGE Open-Ear Bone Conduction Underwater headphones!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

This is the best swimming audio system you can get. I use mine every day.

Richard Fournier
Ear buds

Sound great… great support!

Brian Gass
Love the Stream 3

I love using my stream three, especially the Bluetooth mode. I can take this into environments where I don’t want to bring my cell phone.

Christopher McCarthy
Failed to function as described.

Very poor. The description was clear that Bluetooth does not work UNDERwater, and all of the ads and descriptions showed this working with someone swimming laps ON TOP of the water, so that is what I purchased it for. Unfortunately, if any water splashes on the player, even when attached to the back of your head swimming laps, the connection drops. Completely nonfunctional for the purpose it advertises for. They did accept a return, but not before customer support lectured me that it's not designed to work on the water, and then quoted me the item description that said it didn't work underwater. There is obviously a difference between under and on top, and I didn't appreciate the poor attitude. But they did refund me eventually.


Really difficult to get mp3 downloads. I thought I could just download my Spotify but it doesn't work. I tried a free downloader but it just downloaded 2 thirds of each song!!!
Not as simple as stated. Sound is good when it works, just not a full song.