18 Nov 23

H2O Audio have launched their new SnowPRO “snow proof” headphones which they say feature enhanced spatial awareness for safety and offer the ability to stream music offline on the slopes.

The innovative bone conduction headphones offer have been designed specifically for winter sports enthusiasts. The waterproof headphones have been engineered specifically with the needs of skiers and boarders in mind and feature H2O Audio’s  groundbreaking PLAYLIST+ technology.

The headphones are not just 100% waterproof; they’re snowproof and sweatproof. Snow, sleet, slush, even hot tubs – the SnowPRO can handle it all, being submersible up to 12 feet with an IPX8 waterproof rating.

“We’ve taken the needs of winter sports enthusiasts to heart and have woven safety, innovation, and superior audio quality to define a new experience on the slopes. SnowPRO isn’t solely about delivering high-quality sound; it’s a commitment to ensuring safety and spatial awareness,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO and founder of H2O Audio.

A number of slope safety experts warn against the use of headphones when skiing or boarding, including the PisteX code. However H2O Audio say that their open-ear bone conduction technology, “…ensure you maintain vital awareness of your surroundings, making them a safety essential on the slopes.”

“As a skier or snowboarder, it’s important to hear the skis or snowboard biting into the snow (or ice!), and it’s equally important to hear other skiers on a busy slope with full spatial awareness. Now with SnowPRO you can listen to your soundtrack without drowning out the surroundings…” adds Kristian Rauhala.

In what the company says marks a significant advancement in H2O Audio’s PRO Series, the SnowPRO features the pioneering PLAYLIST+ technology, a feature that empowers users to load content from any streaming app to replay offline and the bone conduction open ear technology gives users more spatial awareness.

SnowPRO features an in-built MP3 player with 8GB of storage, Bluetooth connectivity for your devices, and the unique PLAYLIST+ feature to record audio and play offline, sans phone.

H2O Audio, a family-owned company based in California, has been at the forefront of waterproof audio technology since its inception in 2003.

SnowPRO headphones have a 5-hour battery life and a promotional launch price of $159.99 and are available for purchase at H2O Audio, with free international shipping, and Amazon.


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