SURGE Bone Conduction Headphones

SURGE BC Underwater headphones use our latest Bone Conduction technology designed for swimming. The headphones use our new custom developed transducers that are extra small and slim yet deliver excellent sound quality underwater. Compatible with STREAM 3 / PRO players ONLY.

Bone Conduction Technology

Bone Conduction is the transmission of sound to the inner ear primarily through the bones of the skull, allowing the swimmer to hear audio seamlessly underwater. Bone Conduction aka open-ear headphones.

Short Cord or Normal Cord versions: The Short Cord is only approx. 1ft/30cm long. Minimal cord hassle and optimized for head mounted players. The Normal Cord 3.7ft/114cm long is for a player that are clipped on your waist or player in your pocket.

Waterproof: H2O Audio technology ensures these headphones can withstand complete submersion to 12ft/3.6m underwater. Waterproof Rating: IPX8.

Designed for Swim Goggles: The speakers clip onto your swim goggle strap and sit on your cheek bone or in front of the ear. Slide and adjust the speaker location that gives you the best sound. To maximize sound quality - use the included earplugs to block any water entering your ear.

What's in the Box: SURGE BC headphones, User Guide, Earplugs to enhance sound quality.

Compatible with STREAM 3 and STREAM 3 PRO ONLY. The SURGE BC is not compatible with earlier STREAM player models.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
G. Schubert
Good alternative

Everything is fine: order, delivery, product.

Scott Steagall
No more ear infections or water in ears

Swim 1 hour daily. Was having problems with the water in ear canal. Bone conduction and earplugs solved the issue. Quality of sound actually improves under water. Could not be more pleased.

Amanda Power
Not my thing

Great delivery . I was so hoping to like these but I could not hear the music as well as with the regular stream headphones. Even with the provided ear plugs in. Just not my thing.

Charles Hicks

I think your design people are onto the right idea for this kind of product. I think your design is superior ergonomically to the competitors like Naenka and Shockz but my experience was that it was not loud enough. It was not as loud as the shockz open swim. Thus surprised me because the speakers of your device were larger but it seems the shuffle ipod does not out put enough power to drive them to high volume. The shokz open swim volume could be higher in my opinion and that is one reason I think your design is superior. I just think you need to sell or specify what devices can be used to really make use of the larger speakers your device has compared to the shockz open swim.

Linda Hicks

I am loving the bone conduction. They work fantastic. Tried the bluetooth to my phone and that was amazing as well. Thanks for all your help.