A blog written by Pro Triathlete Angela Naeth for the run up to the renowned Deporvillage Transpyr Backroads event, a 7- stage bike packing adventure through the Pyrenees mountains! This route covers roughly 620 miles with nearly 65,600 feet of cumulative elevation gain, averaging 90 miles and 9,370 feet of climbing per day. The event is June 8-15th. She has been asked to be a racer and the female voice of the event. 
The mountains are calling, and my soul is yearning to answer. As I pour all my energy into the final training pushes for the Transpyr, it's not just physical endurance that has occupied my mind. This event represents a journey inward, an opportunity to discover new layers of "me". 

It also marks an incredibly important mile marker in my first full season back after hip surgery and breaking my femur, earlier this year. The long road to recovery was difficult at times, both mentally and physically. But I know I still have the ability to compete at the highest level - it's just a matter of patience. and allowing the running to fully come back over time. Transpyr is an excellent challenge to put my body and mind through the ringers as I continue building back.  

My time in Colorado opened a window into a window I never experienced since I was young. Training amid the towering Rockies, I was but a humble speck in the grand theater of timeless, jagged peaks. 

In those moments of Zen-like immersion, I had my H2O Audio Tri Pro Headphones ushering a vibrant soundtrack for my listless mind. The music wasn't a means to power through the pain, but rather a cherished companion joined together in appreciation of our awe-inspiring settings. When the only sounds are my breath and the crunch of tires on rocky terrain, melding with the music is like finding perfect harmony.

And that's ultimately what this whole Transpyr experience is about for me - achieving a new harmonic balance in the dynamic between both my physical and mental beings. 

At the end of the day, Transpyr isn't about finishing times or bragging rights. It's an incredible chance to turn inwards and healing up for a great 2024 season. 

So as I load up supplies, check tire sealant levels, and try on various sock/gear combinations (all part of the ritual before any epic trek!), what I'm most excited about is the stuff that can't be quantified on a ride file or heart rate data chart. It's the inner discoveries lying in wait amid those fabled Spanish peaks and backroads, rich territories for self-exploration that I cannot wait to wander into. Did I mention I love riding my bike uphill?! 
- Angela
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