Angela Naeth our newest Athlete to the H2O Family. Her story resonated with us as she truly embodies our ethos to "Go Beyond". 


In 2007, I left my job as a physical therapist, with $2,000 in my pocket, and followed my dreams. I left everything except my bike and one large suitcase, headed to California to live near my coach at the time. Friends of friends helped me along the way, providing places to stay. With that leap, I started my professional career as a triathlete. Since then, I have been racing all over the world, and now venturing into gravel racing as well. It's been an incredible professional career filled with podiums and life-changing experiences. I continue to forge on this same path, alongside a few other endeavors to help others see what's possible in themselves.

The journey opened my eyes to how important it is for athletes, especially women, to have strong resources and communities. I started coaching others in 2012, and in 2016, I started two organizations dedicated to empowering and inspiring active women and girls:

IRaceLikeAGirl (IRLAG): This team of pro and age-group triathletes encourages women of all ages and abilities to "tri" the sport. We offer training resources, host social events and camps, and create a supportive network for female triathletes.

GirlsGetGritty: An offshoot of IRLAG, this program aims to build confidence and resilience in young girls through exposure to triathlon and mentorship opportunities. We want to shape the next generation of unstoppable women.

I've worked hard to create authentic communities where women embrace challenges, not back down from them. My personal mantra of "Let's see what I've got" is really about having a growth mindset and constantly pushing perceived limitations.

As someone who loves using music for motivation and concentration during training, I was instantly drawn to H2O Audio. H2O Audio's waterproof headphones give me the power to curate training playlists to get me through tough track sessions, long bike rides, and pool workouts. Their accessories allow me to bring an outdoor music experience to any environment. I'm grateful for partners like H2O Audio who enhance my performance and overall training experience.

From pro triathlete to gravel racer and entrepreneur, my journey has been driven by an unwavering passion to compete at the highest level possible. With the right mindset, communities, and innovative products, I've been able to achieve my dreams as a professional athlete.  - IRACELIKEAGIRL Triathlon Team and GirlsGetGritty Gravel Teams.  - my website.  - Coaching.

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