Combine ear tips and "fins" for optimal sound and comfort. 

A proper fit is essential to the performance of your H2O Audio headphones. The headphone ear tips should fit snugly inside your ear. A snug fit will keep water out (the ear tips will act like an earplug) and ensure the best quality sound.

Each pair of H2O Audio headphones comes with multiple ear tips in a range of sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. (Headphones are shipped with the medium ear tip already in place.) These are made of a soft and flexible elastomer, and they come in two shapes—round and cone (also called “tree”). We recommend that you try both shapes and different sizes to determine which one works best for you.


  1. Try the different sizes and styles of ear tips and “fins” to find the best fit.
  2. The headphone cord can cause drag and pull on/dislodge the earphone. To remedy this, wrap the cord around your goggle strap to minimize its length.  
  3. Use a swim cap. Pull your swim cap over the headphones to further reduce drag and hold them in place.
  4. For a guaranteed fit, consider a custom earplug—available for all H2O Audio headphones.

Some people find that their ears are not the same size. For this reason, you may want to mix-and-match, using a different size ear tip in each ear.

Flexible ear tips ensure a watertight seal and the best sound quality for swimming headphones.

For reference, the size of each ear tip is printed on the inside of the tip. (Flip the tip inside-out to identify the size.) 

Switching out the ear tips is simple. Gently separate them from the base of the earpiece while pulling and twisting the earpiece at a slight angle.

To put an ear tip on, reverse the process, pushing the ear tip onto the base while holding the base and pushing it into the tip.

A "fin" helps to keep waterproof headphones in place during activities like swimming.

In addition to the ear tips, your headphones come with a set of “fins.” The black fins are used to hold the earphones in place during activity. They can be paired with any tip, round or cone-shape.

Three sizes of fins are included, and each is marked with its size and either “right” (R) or “left” (L) for the corresponding ear.

If you choose to use the fins, put them on the base of the headphones first. Then add the ear tip.

The pointed end of the fin should face forward when the headphones are in place. Rotate the fins slightly to ensure a secure fit. Try each of the sizes to find the best fit for your ear.

Additional tips for the best fit/performance:

  • A tighter seal may be achieved by pulling your upper ear back while inserting the headphone ear tips.
  • For best performance, insert ear tips before your ears get wet.
  • Larger tips may be preferable for active/in-water use, as they may create a tighter seal.
  • Push the ear tips into your ear canals far enough to establish a secure fit, but not so far that they become uncomfortable.

For the very best performance and a personalized, trouble-free fit, try a custom-made earplug that’s molded to the exact shape of your ear. H2O Audio offers custom earplugs for use with all of its headphones.

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