Introducing PLAYLIST+
Your Sport, Your Music – Anywhere, Anytime!

Do you remember the good old days when you'd listen to the radio and record your favorite songs using a tape recorder? Ah, nostalgia!

Fast forward 40 years, and now everything is digital. Most of your music comes from streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

But what happens when you find yourself in places with unreliable internet, no WI-FI, or cellular coverage? Maybe you're underwater swimming, running in a forest, or traveling abroad with expensive data roaming.

What if you want to go for a run or exercise without your phone or just need a break from constant notifications, but still want to enjoy your favorite tunes to keep pushing you forward?

And more so now than ever - what if you just want to be disconnected.

That’s why we invented PLAYLIST+!



It enables your sport and your music - anywhere.

PLAYLIST+ allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes and stay motivated wherever you are. It's designed to work seamlessly with your active lifestyle. Even in those moments when you want to disconnect from the world, PLAYLIST+ will keep your spirits high with the music you love.



Remember your old tape recorder? PLAYLIST+ operates just like that!

It lets you load, store, and record audio streaming from your Bluetooth connection (radio) and store it into the memory in the headphones (tape) for playback later. You store any audio you want by simply playing it on your phone, computer, or iPad.

Using PLAYLIST+ is easy. With just a double click on the + button of the headphones, Bluetooth audio that’s playing is stored for your enjoyment later on. Up to 8 GB of music!

Here's a pro tip: You can also connect the PRO headphones to your computer or iPad and leave it to load the streaming audio while the device charges.



The amazing PLAYLIST+ technology is our proprietary and patent-pending innovation, crafted meticulously by our brilliant engineering team. You won't find this cutting-edge feature in any other device on the market. PLAYLIST+ is only available in our PRO Series products.

No matter where your adventures take you, PLAYLIST+ will be right there, keeping you company with your favorite music. Even underwater.

Say goodbye to worrying about internet coverage or carrying your phone during workouts. Embrace the freedom and motivation that PLAYLIST+ brings to your active lifestyle.

Take Your Sport and Your Music Anywhere with PLAYLIST+!

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the joy of loading your favorite playlists for playback anytime, anywhere with PLAYLIST+ today!

Check out more of the PRO Series Product Here.


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