Dear friends and customers,


I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve acquired H2O Audio once again after a seven year hiatus. I founded the company in 2003 and left in 2008 to set up PEAR Sports, but I’ve followed it’s progress with interest from the sidelines. Recently, after many ups and downs, the company folded. Yet, as so often happens, what looks like the end is a chance for a new beginning.


I’ve always believed passionately in the quality of the products so I decided to take the plunge and continue what I began. We may be swimming upstream for while but my team is brimming with ideas and I’m confident we’ll stay the course.


Thank you to everyone who kindly shared their feedback through our surveys and interviews. We’ve learned a thing or two about what you love about H2O Audio (and what you’d like us to do better) as well as your hopes for its evolution, which is encouraging.


In response, we’ve been hard at work to refine the audio engineering and we’re about to launch our brand new Surge+ headphone line with improved sound quality—the likes of which has never before been heard through a waterproof headphone.


Many of you have also asked about the Interval Swim Solution for iPod shuffle, and yes, it will be making a comeback but, again, with even better sound.


Look out for these new and improved products, which will be available for purchase online in December alongside ever more exciting new additions to the fast growing H2O Audio family. More to follow soon.


Until then,

Kristian Rauhala

Founder, CEO - H2O Audio



Audio testing with my boys.



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