We get many inquiries of how to listen to Pandora/Spotify/iHeart Radio, etc. when swimming.

As we know music streaming has become mainstream with smartphone users. More and more people use popular apps like Pandora, Spotify, to get their music.

So, we went to try this with H2O Audio—and it worked! 

Here is the setup that we tested and it worked flawlessly, no interruptions in music but steady streaming of music:

  • I put my iPhone 6 into the Amphibx+ with a waist belt.
  • I used the Surge SportWrap headphones with Custom earplugs.
  • On the iPhone I installed the Pandora App and subscribed to the Premium service that allows more buffering and off-line play time.
  • The pool here in San Diego is outside - so the cellphone coverage is pretty good. I was not connected to a wifi.
Swimmers can listen to music and even stream music from services like Pandora and Spotify by swimming with the Amphibx phone case and Surge Sportwrap headphones from H2O Audio.


The experience was great. While I still like my Interval the best it was refreshing to hear new music with Pandora. If you are interested, it is worth a try!

Let us know if it works for you. Email us at support@h2oaudio.com




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