An athletic young woman walks toward the setting sun while holding a surfboard. This is the lead image in H2O Audio's Mother's Day gift guide.


With Mother’s Day fast approaching (Sunday May 14th) it’s time to ask yourself two important questions: is your mom’s signature scent less Chanel and more eau de chlorine? Does she favor lycra and neoprene over designer clothes? If so, it’s safe to say she’s a bona fide water baby. This year, give her something she really wants from our handpicked top 10 of mermaid-inspired gifts guaranteed to float her boat.


  1. Jolyn swimwear gift card

Every active mom wants to look as good as she feels in the water. That’s why we’re delighted that swimmer fav Jolyn has launched a super flattering range of two pieces with varying degrees of coverage to suit absolutely everyone. $$

Young women in bikinis and sweatshirts enjoy an afternoon on the beach while wearing clothing from Jolyn and listening to the Float Bluetooth speaker from H2O Audio.

Same great colors and prints but now with different coverage options, Jolyn’s swimwear stays put in the pool and surf. Image credit: Jolyn


  1. Blue Bottle Coffee

If your mom’s as obsessive about her cup of Joe as her workout then she’ll know that Blue Bottle Coffee, blended by coffee fanatics in Oakland, is the stuff of legend. This Mother’s Day get her a subscription that will have fresh coffee delivered straight to her door within 48 hours of roasting. It’s the perfect early morning or post-lunch workout pick-me-up. $

Coffee and swimming go hand in hand. This is an image of freshly roasted coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Freshly roasted, responsibly sourced coffee at its peak, you can taste the love with every sip. Image credit: Blue Bottle Coffee


  1. H2O Audio headphones

The best sound experience you can have in the water. Period. Whether your mom’s training for a triathlon or just loves to de-stress in the pool, listening to music as she swims will help her relax, swim further and get fitter. The H2O Audio Interval+ is designed in partnership with audio experts so these little beauties are not only comfortable and super durable but the sound quality is insane. $$ (Get 25% off between now and Mother’s Day Code: Mothersday)

A female swimmer wears the H2O Audio Interval + waterproof case for the Apple iPod Shuffle as she swims laps. Many swimmers enjoy listening to music while they swim.

Easy to use and tough enough for the pool and ocean, H2O Audio’s Interval+ delivers exceptional sound quality underwater. Image credit: H2O Audio


  1. Small but mighty essentials

In the market for some super affordable, thoughtful gifts that Mom would love but wouldn’t buy herself? How about a Saskia Diez Wood hair tie, Shiseido sunscreen or DoTerra essential oils and diffuser? $


  1. The Seea surf suit

These long sleeved sun protection suits are bang on trend and heaven sent for water babes of all ages and abilities. Every bit as glamorous as it is functional, we love this vintage cut Hermosa one piece from The Seea which blocks out UV rays so that Mom can surf all day and stay safe in the sun. $$

A young woman poses while wearing a one-piece swimsuit from The Seea.

The Seea’s vintage-style bodysuits are the perfect blend of elegance and sun protection. Image credit: The Seea


  1. Inflatable SUP Board

Rigid, indestructible and go-anywhere, an inflatable SUP board like those from Tower means that Mom can take her passion with her wherever she goes. Can you believe they deflate to fit in an overhead luggage compartment or store on a boat? Ok, so they’re not cheap but you could always go halves with a sibling. $$$


  1. Shiatsu head massage

Relaxation is often at the bottom of the to-do list for active moms on the go so treat her to the ultimate post-surf or swim bliss with a shiatsu head massage. $

A woman with a relaxing expression receives a facial massage.

Rest and relaxation is a vital part of training and helps busy moms bounce back more quickly. Image via Creative Commons


  1. Private training session

We’ve all daydreamed about becoming an Olympic athlete or bagging the top spot on the podium at our next triathlon. Why not get your mom race ready with one month’s worth of training with coach of champions Matt Dixon from Purple Patch or Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26? $$$

A female swimmer reaches underneath the surface of the water during the freestyle swim stroke.

Swimming is all about technique so a few tips from a leading coach can make all the difference. Image: H2O Audio


  1. Xterra wetsuit

Whether Mom’s a distance swimmer or triathlete, when she’s out in open water she’ll have the competitive advantage in one of the most comfortable, speed-enhancing wetsuits on the planet. Xterra wetsuits give incredible range of motion for faster, smoother swimming with minimal effort. $$

A female triathlete wearing a full-length wetsuit made by Xterra exits the ocean. Xterra wetsuits are featured in the Mother's Day gift guide by H2O Audio.

Give Mom the edge in an Xterra wetsuit and she’ll love you forever. Well, she probably will anyway but it’s best to be on the safe side. Image credit: Xterra


  1. Hydrated hair

Water workouts are great for body and mind but chlorine and saltwater are harsh on the hair. Unless, that is, your mom gets her hands on this frizz fighting duo which will give her lustrous locks in no time: a Mason Pearson Detangler hairbrush and Rodin luxury hair oil. A little luxury goes a long way. $$$


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