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Unleash Your Music, Anywhere, Anytime!

Remember those nostalgic days of recording favorite songs from the radio onto a tape? Fast forward to the digital age, where streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music reign. But here's the challenge: What do you do in areas with no internet, Wi-Fi, or cellular coverage? Maybe you're deep underwater, running through a remote forest, or avoiding expensive data roaming while traveling. Or perhaps, you just want to escape the digital world, exercise without the bulk of your phone, and enjoy a break from constant notifications.

Enter PLAYLIST+ - the game-changer in your musical journey!

Why You'll Love PLAYLIST+
PLAYLIST+ is tailored to fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music uninterrupted, no matter where you are. Whether you're looking to disconnect or simply need your music to keep you moving, PLAYLIST+ has got you covered.

Imagine your old tape recorder, but with a modern twist. PLAYLIST+ lets you load, store, and record audio streaming from your Bluetooth-connected device and save it into your headphones, just like a tape. This innovative technology enables you to store up to 8 GB of music for later enjoyment. It's incredibly user-friendly – a double click on the '+' button of your headphones saves the Bluetooth audio for later playback. Plus, you can even load music while charging the device on your computer or iPad.

Exclusive to Our PRO Series
The revolutionary PLAYLIST+ technology is our unique, patent-pending innovation, exclusively available in our PRO Series products. Developed by our brilliant engineering team, PLAYLIST+ stands unparalleled in the market.

Your Adventure Companion
With PLAYLIST+, say goodbye to worries about internet access or carrying your phone during workouts. It's the perfect companion for all your adventures, even underwater. Embrace the freedom and motivation that only PLAYLIST+ can offer.

Take the Leap with PLAYLIST+
Don't wait any longer. Experience the convenience and joy of having your favorite playlists with you, anytime, anywhere. PLAYLIST+ is more than just a feature; it's your personal music haven.

Explore our PRO Series products and revolutionize your music experience today!

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