SONAR Underwater Headphones

We are please to announce the launch of SONAR Bone Conduction headphones for all swimmers.

SONAR was developed to solve an issue for swimmers that could not find a good fit with earplugs. The solution is an ALL-IN-ONE bone conduction headphones that is easy to use.

With months of development and numerous prototypes we arrived with the design that includes everything in one; Bone Conduction Speakers, MP3 player and Bluetooth (for a Smart Watch).


Bone Conduction Speakers

Bone Conduction technology uses a special transducer speaker that is designed to vibrate and conduct the audio vibration directly to the inner ear bones. The sound travels via bones vs through the air to the ear drum. This is specially helpful underwater where water tends to enter the ear canal. Unless you have a good seal with the earplugs and keep the water out of the eardrum  (i.e. use Custom earplugs) water in the ear will affect the sound. With bone conduction sound - you do not have this issue, no earplugs are needed and the sound under water is  constant.


MP3 player

SONAR has an MP3 player with built-in memory of 8Gb ( 2 x more than Apple iPod Shuffle). The player is compatible with iTunes format. Simply drag and drop the audio files from your iTunes library to the SONAR memory.

SONAR also supports folders and skipping tracks and folders.


Swim with Smart Watch with Bluetooth  

The SONAR can also connect with your smart watch - WHEN the smart watch is within few inches of the headphones. You can NOT wear the watch on your wrist. Due to laws of physics, Bluetooth 2.4 GHz radio frequency attenuates under water very rapidly.  


We hope SONAR will make your swimming fun and entertaining! 

Learn more here and see the customer reviews.




CEO, Founder 

H2O Audio




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