Listen to streaming music while swimming - Spotify, Apple Music, and others

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to bring some upbeat tunes into your swimming routine? To listen to some music underwater? Well, let us be the bearer of good news. You can. 
Here are all the possible ways to enjoy Spotify and similar apps (like other streaming services or Audible Audiobooks) with waterproof headphones in the pool. 

1. INTERVAL, SONAR and TRI headphones with Apple Watch and Spotify App

The latest Spotify Apple Watch update allows you to stream music directly from the Apple Watch without the use of your iPhone or Android phone. You will NO LONGER need WiFi or cellular coverage on your watch to stream Spotify. You will need the Spotify Premium subscription to enable the offline play and download your playlists to your Apple Watch.

All you need is an Apple Watch + INTERVAL

or Apple Watch + SONAR + Apple Watch Clip

or Apple Watch + TRI Headphones + Apple Watch Clip


Here is How to Get Your Apple Watch Ready with SPOTIFY music:

Here are the steps you need to do to play your Spotify from your Apple Watch. Please note that this may require a paid subscription to Spotify service.

  1. On your iPhone - go to the Spotify App and find the Playlist that you want. Locate the 3 dots to the side and click that. 
  2.  You will see an option to DOWNLOAD to APPLE WATCH. Select it and the music will start to download to your watch.
  3. You can check the downloaded music in your Apple Watch Spotify app. These files can be played without your phone.
  4. When playing from your Apple Watch - go to Spotify - select the downloaded music and play.
  5. MAKE SURE TO TURN YOUR APPLE WATCH WATER LOCK ON. Otherwise water on the screen can easily pause and interrupt the play.

Pair your Apple Watch with Bluetooth: INTERVAL, STREAM, SONAR and TRI headphones all have Bluetooth that can receive the music from the Apple Watch. 

(TIP: SONAR and TRI we recommend using the Apple Watch Clip.)

To Pair your Apple Watch with the device, go to your Apple Watch Settings / Bluetooth.

Turn OFF and TURN ON the Apple Watch Bluetooth. This way the watch will start to scan for Bluetooth devices. On your H2O player - Select the Bluetooth Mode. The H2O device should show up in the list. If your H2O device has been previously paired with another device, press and hold the M button to restart scanning.

Start the play from Spotify: Now that you have downloaded the Spotify music and your Apple Watch is paired and connected with the H2O device you are ready to play. 

On the Spotify watch app - select the 'destination' as Apple Watch (see the screen shots below). 


 Remember to turn on the Screen Water Lock. Otherwise the water droplets may activate button presses and mess up your app.


2. Spotify from Your Phone to STREAM 2 & 3

The STREAM2 and 3 can connect to your phone via Bluetooth (and it also have internal memory for 1,000+ songs). We have many happy customers using the Bluetooth mode and playing the Spotify (and other apps) music from the phone.
TIP: The best is to place your phone mid-way on the pool deck to keep in the Bluetooth range. Clip the STREAM on your goggles and keep it on the top of your head, above the surface. (Note that if you fully submerge, the audio will cut out until your come to the surface again. This is due to the laws of physics as Bluetooth does not penetrate under water). This is a great setup also for Endless Pools.
If you swim back stroke or dive a lot, I recommend playing the music from the internal memory to avoid any interruptions, but this is only music you own (not rented streaming music)
We recommend this set up if you want to stream music from your phone apps. We also recommend the short cord headphones. 
Check out the STREAM here


3. Spotify with GARMIN Watch & INTERVAL 

GARMIN watches also support music. Garmin has a Spotify app that does offline play mode and works well. All the music is downloaded to your Garmin watch and then played through the Interval.

 See the INTERVAl for Garmin watch here.


We hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

- Team H2O Audio

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