Bone Conduction Technology

It's a pretty cool concept that might change the way you think about listening to audio. When you normally listen to music or take a phone call, you probably use headphones or earbuds, right? These devices use something called air conduction. They create sound waves that travel through the air and enter your ears, where your eardrums pick up the vibrations and send signals to your brain, allowing you to hear the sound.

Now, bone conduction is different. Instead of sending sound through the air, it sends vibrations directly into your skull bones, typically around your cheekbone or just in front of your ear. These vibrations bypass your eardrum and are transmitted directly to your inner ear, where the brain interprets them as sound.

Think of it like this: When you talk, you can feel the vibrations in your throat or chest. Bone conduction technology works in a similar way, but instead of your voice, it transmits audio vibrations into your bones.

Bone conduction transmission


Scroll through to learn how several of our headphones use bone conduction technology and the benefits of using these waterproof open- ear headphones. 

 Better Fit



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