H2O Audio is proud to be a returning supporter of the UPR KONA 2023 event. What is the UPR you ask? 


The UPR was conceived in 1998 by Chris Danahy, Tim Morris, and Paul Huddle as a protest against wearing Speedos in inappropriate places (stores, restaurants, etc.). It has since morphed into a pre-race ice breaker and local fund raiser that has become an integral part of the IRONMAN World Championship event week.

Over the years the Kona UPR has raised over $300,000 for local charities through registration and merchandise donations. The event welcomes all ages, all genders and all bodies as they celebrate the Aloha spirit that accompanies this incredible one-of-a-kind race week spectacle!

Not able to attend in person, race week, at Kona? No problem! IRONMAN Foundation has you covered with the *Virtual Kona UPR registration and social media contest!

Learn more about the UPR and IRONMAN Foundation. You can also register HERE for the virtual event. 


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